Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Love Hurts!

You caused me some serious pain last week...and I still have the colorful eye to show for it.  Because you weren't feeling well, you came to sleep with Daddy and I. 

When you woke up fussing around 5:50, Daddy grabbed your blankie.  You were leaning on me, sat up somewhat, and then threw your head back.  Your head collided with my left eye.  The pictures below are a week after the fact.  I ended up putting ice on it immediately and it took a few days for full color to develop. 

You made Daddy a bit uncomfortable being out in public with me over the weekend; he was afraid folks might think he hit me.  Who would believe a toddler did it :)

Never thought I would get my first black eye at 31 years old from my toddler!

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